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Service Learning

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Community service at Newburyport High School is for students to experience both the satisfaction of a good deed done and credit for the work they do. This program will now evolve to a tightly organized program where the expectations are high, the motivation is self-satisfaction, and the results integrate our students with the community at large.

Students can be involved in community service at any time as long as they are doing a service without payment. For the first 75 hours a student completes he or she will receive 2.5 credits at the high school. They can earn an additional 2.5 credits for the second 75 hours of Community Service. Any additional hours after the 150 hours will be placed on the student’s transcript. Community service is not a requirement for graduation, but it is for National Honor Society acceptance. The hours a student attains will be included in his or her school file. Students may also do community service during the summer, on weekends, after school, or during school time.

The nature of community service is that it is an opportunity for our students to give back to those in need in our community. We have been fortunate over the years that students have taken the time to rake for the elderly, tutor youngsters in the school system, recycle for the city, and offer their time to youth athletic programs.

To receive credit for the time they put into the community, students will now have to be registered in the program as a participant, prepare a journal for the hours they volunteer, fill out a time sheet as they complete service time, and turn in the journal and timesheet when they complete his or her 75 hours of service.

Community service opportunities in Newburyport and the community at large includes: walks in support of a variety of maladies, nursing home or hospital work, the schools, Pioneer League, summer camps, church groups, and animal shelter work. In addition, if students perform musically for outside groups beyond their actual classroom programs they may receive community service hours.

The students who have performed community service hours over the years have been gratified by the work they do. Many have found in their community service work careers in the areas they have volunteered.

Volunteering also helps both students and adults see that we have outstanding role models who represent our community. Instead of our citizens talking about “students today” they can see students that help them when there is a need.
Looking for ideas on community organizations and non-profits that need volunteers? Check out the NHS Community Service Guide.