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SAT Registration Info

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Most colleges require SAT I scores because they are considered to be a standard measure of abilities important for college work. Some colleges also require two or three SAT II Subject Tests which are designed to find out what skills you have developed and how much you have learned in specific subjects. Some colleges specify the Subject Tests to be taken; others allow applicants to choose those they feel best qualified to take. Math and Writing are two tests frequently suggested. Talk with your subject area teachers and your counselor to discuss which tests are appropriate for you.

Bulletins giving information on registering for the SAT I/SAT II and ACT are available in the Guidance Office. To register for any of these tests, you must send a completed registration form and test fee to the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) or ACT by the registration deadline.

After you have mailed your registration form to the College Board office in Princeton, New Jersey, you will receive an admission packet about two weeks before the test date. The packet will contain your Admission Ticket, an attached Correction Form and an Additional Report Request Form.

Your College Board scores will eventually be sent to individual colleges at your request. Colleges will require you to have your scores sent directly from the College Board. This is accomplished by answering specific questions on the registration form. If you miss the late registration deadline, you may be eligible for walk-in registration on the day of the exam. There is an extra fee for walk-in registration. Bring a check with you for the appropriate fees and the completed registration form.

You should be aware that the policy of the College Board is to send all your scores from each SAT I test you take to the colleges you designate. Therefore, there is probably no point in having your scores sent to colleges during your junior year, since all your scores will eventually be sent.

For SAT II tests taken in the junior year, you should consider taking the Score Choice Option and releasing your best scores in the fall of your senior year. You may save money by having your scores sent to all of your college choices when you register for the last time you plan to take College Board tests, since current and previous results will be sent at that time. If you need scores sent after you have registered for your last College Board tests, you may use the Additional Request Forms you receive with your admission packet or obtain these forms in the Guidance Office. There is a fee for this last request. Be sure to release held SAT II score choice scores prior to having scores sent to colleges.

You will receive a copy of your results approximately four to six weeks after you take the test whether or not you have test scores sent to colleges. If you send an Additional Report Request Form, you will also receive an acknowledgement form indicating where you had your scores sent. You may telephone College Board directly to reregister for a test, to change your test, test date or test center, to send additional score reports and to rush scores. There is a fee for these services.

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Students' score reports will be mailed home about five weeks after the test. Please do not call to ask for scores. If students request that their scores be sent to colleges or scholarship programs, a report will be sent to each, usually within four weeks after the test. The first four college reports are free to the student. NHS will also receive a score report if students provide NHS's code numberon the registration form.

Score reports are cumulative: they include information provided from the Student Descriptive Questionnaire and scores for up to six SAT I and six Subject Test administrations. Students cannot send only their latest or highest SAT I & SAT II scores or separate scores for verbal or math sections. A score report will also list all the colleges and scholarship programs designated to receive scores, with descriptive and deadline information about each of the colleges listed. (A student's list of colleges will not appear on score reports sent to colleges.)

If it is necessary to send test scores to additional colleges, an Additional Report Request Form can be used. One is usually sent in the admission packet. These forms are also available from guidance counselors. The fee for each additional score report is $6.50. This service is also available by phone. Requests should be made at least five weeks before the date colleges and scholarship programs need to receive a report. College and scholarship codes appear in the Registration Bulletin.

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If students choose the Score Choice option when they take SAT II: Subject Tests, their test scores are not reported to colleges or universities, but they are reported to LHS. Once students have reviewed their scores, they can "release" any or all of them at any time up to one year after graduating from high school. To do so, students need to fill out and sign a form in the registration booklet. (Additional forms are available from guidance counselors.) Send the form with appropriate fees to College Board SAT Program, P.O. Box 6200, Princeton, NJ 08541- 6200, or fax it to 609-771-7681.

Releasing scores makes them an active part of a student's test score record. From that time on, the released scores will appear whenever test scores are reported to colleges or scholarship programs. Released scores cannot be placed on hold again. Additional information about Score Choice is available in the Registration Bulletin.