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Resume Writing

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Colleges, employers, and other institutions like to know about a student's activities. The first step in preparing an activities record or resume is listing the things you have done--whether in or out of school, paid or volunteer, short-term or long-term. Any productive use of time applies. Use the categories below to help you organize your list of activities and experiences and include the academic year you participated.
Academic Honors
  • Department awards--department, academic year
  • National Honor Society
  • Other--title, description, year
  • Sports--position, leadership (if any), year
  • Honors and Awards--title, description, year
Extra-curricular activities in school
  • List in order of significance, either in terms of time commitments or achievement
  • Position, activity, time (hrs/wk), year
  • Special Honors or Awards
Extra-curricular activities outside of school
  • Volunteer or community service--activity, year
  • Number of hours--(one line description)
Work Experience
  • Job title (list most recent first)--duration, position, responsibilities, year
Non-work summer experiences
  • Outward Bound, summer school, camps, etc.
  • Experience, description, duration, year
  • Location, duration--(one line description)
Interests and hobbies
  • Skills acquired, duration, level of involvement, year