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Clubs and Activities

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In addition to the list of clubs below, any group of students can petition NHS to accept them as an official NHS group with a faculty advisor. For more information, please see your Guidance Counselor.

For a description of each of these activities, please click here.

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Student Government
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 Group  Advisor
 Class of 2022  Tina Cochran, Melissa Martin
 Class of 2023  Mary Rakoski
 Class of 2024  Jeff Bachman, Ashley Lieblein
 Class of 2025  Megan Horst, Meghan Marlar

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 Group  Advisor
 Stage Crew  Lisa Zaleski, Stephanie Williams
 Theater Productions  Lisa Zaleski, Stephanie Williams

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Peer Leadership / Support Groups
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 Group  Advisor
 The Anti-Defamation League / Peer Leaders  Jill Moran, Erin Hobbs
 Antiracist Action  Jeff Bachman
 Bring Change to Mind  Patricia Blackstock
 Gender and Sexuality Alliance  Carly Fair, Kourtney Adams
 Girls Forward  Katie Michko
 Student Advisory Council  Nadine Holohan

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 Group  Advisor
 DECA (Association of Marketing Students)  TBA
 Delta Epsilon Phi, German National Honor Society  TBA
 GAPP (German American Partnership Program)  Spencer Wolf
 International Club  Chrissa Pissios
 International Cultural Club  Aileen Maconi
 World Affairs & Diplomacy (MUN)  Matt LaChapelle, Wendy Crofts

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Community Service
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 Group  Advisor
 Best Buddies  Jessica Buchman
 Interact  Jill Moran
 Leo’s Club  Catherine Taggart
 NHS (National Honor Society)  Ken Cole
 Special Olympics  TBA
 Student Ambassadors  Patricia Blackstock

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 Group  Advisor
 RWDC (Real World Design Challenge)  TBA
 Sailbot  TBA
 Tech Club  Mike Morse

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 Group  Advisor
 Baseball (M)  
 Basketball (M/F)  
 Cheerleading (M/F)  
 Cross Country (M/F)  
 Field Hockey (M/F)  
 Football (M/F)  
 Golf (M/F)  
 Ice Hockey (M/F)  
 Indoor Track (M/F)  
 Lacrosse (M/F)  
 Outdoor Track (M/F)  
 Soccer (M/F)  
 Softball (F)  
 Swimming (M/F)  
 Tennis (M/F)  
 Skiing (F)  
 Wrestling (M/F)  
 Volleyball (F)  
 Captains Council  Kyle Hodsdon

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Arts / Recreation
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 Group  Advisor
 Art Club  Andrew Smith
 NHS Marching Band  Steven Cohen
 Culinary Club  Nadine Holohan
 En-Aitch Ess (Yearbook)  Jessica LeBlanc, Casey McNulty
 Investment Club  Sean McCarthy
 Masthead (Newspaper)  TBA
 NAHS (National Art Honor Society)  Aileen Maconi, Mary Rakoski
 Poetry Soup  Deborah Szabo
 Record Magazine  Kathleen Michko
 Book Club  Sara Cokonis, Lynne Cote
 Crochet Club  Kourtney Adams

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 Group  Advisor
 Environmental Club  Graciela Cummins
 GOMI (Gulf of Maine Institute)  Erin Hobbs