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3D Printed PPE

For the last couple of months a team of teachers and staff from Newburyport High School have been making and donating 3D printed face shields and ear saver comfort bands to health workers throughout New England. While we're just a small group, we ourselves have given away over 4,000 face shields and 11,000 ear savers, and we are tied in with larger groups that have given away even more. If there is a need out there, we can meet it, we just need to know about it.
At this point most of the major medical entities and nursing homes have the supplies that they need, but we are discovering that smaller groups, and nonprofits are falling through the cracks. We are more than happy to donate face shields and ear saver comfort bands to non-profit entities that need them, with a particular emphasis on health and human services groups.

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In order to request supplies, email us at with a list of how many face shields and/or ear savers you need, and where the items need to be delivered to. It's helpful if you e-mail us from an email address associated with the group that you are requesting supplies for so that we have it for our records.

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Newburyport schools seek help with 3-D printing - Newburyport Daily News, May 13th 2020

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