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Parents are always welcome at Newburyport High School. We deeply value the partnership between home and school as we work together to provide the best educational programs for all students. We ask for your cooperation with these procedures in order to provide a safe and secure learning environment. 

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Clipper Compass
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The Clipper Compass is the NHS Student Handbook.

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Family Portal
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Newburyport Public Schools is pleased to provide parents and guardians access to their students’ records online through the Aspen X2 Family Portal (more info).

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All visitors, including graduates of NHS, must report to the main office to sign in and get a Visitor Pass.  This includes parents who have meetings with teachers, administrators and other staff.  Visitors must return to the main office to sign out and return the Pass. 

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Item Drop-Off
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If parents are dropping off forgotten lunches, sportswear, homework, etc. please use the PARENT DROP-OFF table upon entry to the building on your right before the main office doors. Please put their name on the item and let your student know it is there for pick up when they are able to retrieve it.  We are unable to contact students during the school day to retrieve their items. 

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  1. Students who plan to be dismissed during the school day should bring a written note from a parent/guardian to the main office prior to 8:15 am.  The note should contain the reason for dismissal, time of dismissal, date, and parent phone contact.
  2. Students will be given a Dismissal Slip which will allow them to leave a teacher’s class with documentation of his/her dismissal.
  3. Students must sign out in the main office before they leave the building. If the student is returning after an appointment, they must return to the main office to sign back in and receive a pass to their next class.

    Please Note: Phone dismissals can not be accepted  We require a documented dismissal note. IF it is an emergency dismissal and you were unable to send a note with your student before school that day, you may send an email to Please give Ms. Dyer ample time to receive the email, find the student's location to be able to dismiss them and have them come to the main office to sign out. We thank you in advance for your cooperation with the school's protocol requiring a written document for dismissal.

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Parent Alliance
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The Parent Alliance is a forum for communication between parents and the high school community. It also sponsors specific activities of interest to parents of high school students, and supports high school programs and issues. Traditionally the Parent Alliance sponsors events such as:
  • Guest speakers on academic and social issues
  • Parent Nights
  • Freshman Orientation
  • Teacher Appreciation events
  • Special gifts to the High School

Membership is open to parents and other interested persons. Officers are elected from the membership. All parents are welcome to attend all meetings and programs.