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Guidance & Counseling

The Counseling team at Newburyport High School strives to provide a holistic approach to student learning, health, and wellbeing.  Our counselors strive to enhance the academic and personal experience of our students by forming safe and authentic relationships. Through guiding and nurturing the whole student, we help provide the tools necessary to be successful both academically and socially at NHS and beyond.

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Counselor Assignments
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 Seniors- 2021  
 A-Gorski  Fitzgerald
 Grasso-Morrissey  Cokonis
 Murphy-Z  Bohler
 Juniors - 2022  
 A-Gabriel  Fitzgerald
 Gagnon-Novello  Cokonis
 O'Connell-Z  Bohler
 Sophomores - 2023  
 A-Flynn  Fitzgerald
 Foley-Metzdorf  Cokonis
 Miles-Z  Bohler
 Freshmen - 2024  
 A-Guillou  Fitzgerald
 Habib-Myhre  Cokonis
 Navarra-Z  Bohler