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Port Arts: Community Support

Port Arts is a community-led organization that promotes, supports, and celebrates performing and visual arts in Newburyport Public Schools. Our mission is to ensure the success of our programs at a time when student retention is at an all-time low here and across the country and to support all the performing and visual arts directors and students throughout the district.

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We greatly appreciate your financial support. Donate to Port Arts through the Newburyport Education Foundation (NEF): Ask the foundation to direct your contribution to a program of your choice.
The mission of the NEF is to generate financial resources and community involvement to enhance education in the Newburyport Public Schools. NEF supplements funding for programs that are already supported by public financing at a basic level, but can be substantially improved by additional private sector financing, and to finance programs that might not receive funding from traditional sources such as the district budget or state aid.
Arts-Related NEF Campaigns and Events, Past and Present:
  • ●NHS auditorium renovation
  • ●Annual American Harvest and Music Festival
  • ●Graphics Arts Lab and Digital Photography Studio
We are looking for Newburyport High School parents and other family members to help Port Performing Arts thrive and meet our goal of assuring the stability of the school’s music, theater, and fine arts programs. No matter your area of expertise or interest, there is an opportunity for you. Contact if you are interested in getting involved.
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Attend the annual auction of the National Art Honor Society
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Put design in your life by supporting NHS Visual Arts! Go here to see a full catalog of cards, calendars, mugs, and more … to support the visual arts.