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About Us

Newburyport High School is a public comprehensive four-year school, accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. The 2017-2018 school enrollment is 781 students, 9th through 12th grades. The student body has access to state-of-the-art facilities, the result of a recent, complete building renovation. Newburyport High School is on a 7 day, 5 period rotating schedule. Classes are 73 minutes long. Each student is allotted 30 minutes for lunch. Teaching staff is provided with ongoing in-service training through Effective Teacher Training to assist them in employing active learning strategies in the classroom. More than half the teaching staff has earned advanced degrees in their disciplines.

Newburyport is a suburban residential, seacoast community located 37 miles northeast of Boston in Essex County. The smallest city in the Commonwealth, per the 2000 census, Newburyport continues to have a relatively stable population of 17,000. The city’s historical architecture is well known, particularly the restored commercial district and the residential district along High Street, which features fine examples of Federalist architecture. The well-developed cultural and artistic aspects of the city are highlighted by a live theater space and numerous galleries. Fine restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and the natural beauty of the waterfront combine to make Newburyport a wonderful place for residents, and a supportive environment for education.

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Newburyport High School strives for excellence. We believe that this quest for excellence is a partnership among all aspects of a student’s life: home, community, schools, educators, and peers. NHS values the student as an independent, creative learner, and provides diverse learning environments to nurture different abilities and aspirations. NHS honors its traditions while embracing change and progress to prepare its students to succeed in a globally competitive world. Our mission is to foster a sustained passion for learning that each student will carry throughout life.
Students of NHS will demonstrate:
  • Academic
    • proficiency in a diverse collection of communication techniques by
      • writing clearly, concisely, and persuasively,
      • reading widely across subject areas,
      • listening and speaking effectively, and
      • using technology responsibly to enhance education.
    • problem-solving and critical thinking by
      • making informed decisions,
      • working individually and/or collectively, and
      • using time and learning resources efficiently.
  • Social
    • recognition and respect for individual differences.
    • behaviors and habits of a healthy lifestyle by
      • making informed personal, life, and career decisions, and
      • taking personal responsibility for the positive and negative effects of their decisions.
  • Civic
    • awareness of their role in the community, country, and world by
      • participating in the local community,
      • acquiring knowledge of the diverse characteristics of the country and the world, and
      • understanding their potential to influence local, national, and global developments.
Faculty Approved 4/7/2011
School Committee Approved 5/16/2011