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Newburyport High School requires that all students take Wellness for a minimum of one semester each year. The mission of our wellness program is to build resilience in the areas of physical, emotional, social and mental well being through experiences that will enable students to thrive, persevere, and maintain positive attitudes for a healthy lifestyle.

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Grade 9: Respect
Grade 10: Trust
Grade 11: Relationships
Grade 12: Independence

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Course Instructor
Respect - Grade 9 M. Guthrie, A. Heath, P. Yameen
Trust - Grade 10 M. Guthrie, A. Heath, P. Yameen
Relationships - Grade 11 P. Murray, P. Yameen
Independence - Grade 12
Fitness for Life - 9 & 12 M. GuthrieA. HeathP. Yameen
Nutrition I and II N. Holohan
Lets Move M. Guthrie
On Board P. Murray