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The NHS Technology Department is committed to providing students with the tools and resources they
need to be technologically independent in our e-driven society.

Students are able to choose from a variety of disciplines and media and are encouraged to explore connections
between technology and their core curriculum. We promote safe and intelligent usage of electronic mediums
as well as lab tools and machinery. Our goal is to foster an excitement and command for technology so that
students will be competitive candidates in the workforce and in their collegiate pursuits.

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Course Instructor
Robotics P. Goldner
Advanced Robotics S. Leadbeater
CAD S. Leadbeater
Advanced CAD S. Leadbeater
Basic Web Design S. Leadbeater
Intermediate Web Design S. Leadbeater
Programming for Game Design S. Leadbeater
Industrial Design S. Leadbeater
Intermediate Industrial Design S. Leadbeater
Real World Design and Engineering (Sailbot) S. Leadbeater, M. Morse
Honors Real World Design and Engineering (RWDC) S. Leadbeater
Honors Engineering in the 21st Century K. ColeS. Leadbeater
Basic Video S. Williams
Intermediate Video Production S. Williams
Movie Making S. Williams
Broadcast Journalism S. Williams