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Newburyport High School requires that all students complete 3 years of laboratory science, specifically: 1 year of Biology, 1 year of Chemistry, and 1 year of Physics.

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Grade 9
Grade 10
Physics* Grade 11
Electives Grade 12

Science Electives: Anatomy & Physiology, Astronomy, Marine Biology, Aquaponics

AP Science Courses: AP Environmental Science, AP Biology, AP Physics, AP Chemistry

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Course Instructor
Biology CP1 C. FallonJ. MoranB. Taylor, P. Brannen
Biology CP2 J. MoranB. Taylor
Honors Biology C. Fallon, E. Hobbs
AP Biology C. Fallon
Chemistry CP1 D. MasiP. Brannen
Chemistry CP2 D. Masi, B. Taylor
Honors Chemistry C. Taggart
 AP Chemistry C. Taggart
Physics CP1 S. McCarthyP. Goldner, T. Cochran
Physics CP2 P. GoldnerT. Cochran
Honors Physics K. ColeP. Goldner
AP Physics K. Cole
Anatomy & Physiology J. Moran
AP Environment Science E. Hobbs
Astronomy S. McCarthy
Aquaponics Horticulture E. Hobbs
Introduction to Biotechnology C. Fallon
Physics and Philosophy P. Goldner
Bio-Ethics S. McCarthy
Honors Engineering in the 21st Century K. Cole, S. Leadbeater

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For courses in a college level sequence, students need to receive a C or higher to go to the next course as well as their teacher’s recommendation.