Welcome, Parents!

Parents are always welcome at Newburyport High School. We deeply value the partnership between home and school as we work together to provide the best educational programs for all students. We ask for your cooperation with these procedures in order to provide a safe and secure learning environment. 

Clipper Compass

The Clipper Compass is the NHS Student Handbook.

Family Portal

Newburyport Public Schools is pleased to provide parents/guardians access to their students’ records online through the X2 Aspen Family Portal (more info).

Parent Alliance

The Parent Alliance is a forum for communication between parents and the high school community. It also sponsors specific activities of interest to parents of high school students, and supports high school programs and issues. Traditionally the Parent Alliance sponsors events such as:
  • Guest speakers on academic and social issues
  • Parent Nights
  • Freshman Orientation
  • Teacher Appreciation events
  • Special gifts to the High School

Membership is open to parents and other interested persons. Officers are elected from the membership. All parents are welcome to attend all meetings and programs.

2018-2019 meetings will be held in the library at 6:30PM on Sept. 27th, Nov. 15th, Jan. 9th, Mar 6th, and May 15th.

Visiting Rules and Guidelines

  1. If you are dropping off an item for your child, please inform the school secretary and your child will be called to the office to pick it up or someone in the office will bring it to your child. Please do not bypass the office and go to the classroom to deliver it yourself. This disrupts the classroom routine and student learning.
  2. Please always inform the school secretary of the purpose of your visit and where you are heading. Please do not sign-in and leave the office without speaking to the secretary. At times, the office can be very busy and your patience is greatly appreciated.

Procedures

  1. Always report to the office when arriving at school.
  2. Please sign in the visitor/volunteer log book and indicate your name, date of your visit, time of visit, reason for visit, and the location in the building that you will be visiting.
  3. Please take a visitor/volunteer badge to wear. Visitor badges must be worn at all times when you are visiting the building during school hours.
  4. Please tell a staff member in the office where you are going.
  5. At the end of your visit, please report back to the office to sign out in the visitor log book, return your visitor/volunteer badge, and erase your name from the whiteboard. 
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